Learning Simio

Introduction to Simulation and Scheduling: Level 1 Certification

This course tracks your progress on quizzes and will earn you a printable certificate certifying Basic (Level 1) skills. This video series illustrates how to build and operate a small flexible manufacturing cell while illustrating the basic components of a simulation project using Simio. 

This eleven part series is divided into two major sections: 

Section I contains seven videos that illustrate a typical simulation project. It walks you through project specification, static analysis, model building, verification, experimentation, and optimization. 

Section II then builds on that initial analysis to take advantage of Simio Enterprise’s Risk-based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) features as an operational tool. It includes adding schedules, binding to external data, adding performance targets, enabling resource logging, creating a plan, analyzing the risk, and illustrates how to use the feature set to improve on-time performance. Section II exercises require Enterprise Edition software, but the overview is instructive even without exercises.

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