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Simio Announces Martin Barkman of SAP and Indranil Sircar of Microsoft, to Deliver Keynote Address at Simio Sync 2020

Sewickley, Pa. –Simio has announced speakers for keynote addresses at the Simio Sync ‘Digital Transformation’ event in Pittsburgh. The event will take place at the Omni William Penn Hotel, May 4 – 5, 2020.

Martin Barkman of SAP and Indranil Sircar of Microsoft will present keynote addresses on the digital transformation, its implementation, and effects to enterprises on the 4th of May. These experienced speakers will be presenting on the challenges logistics and supply chains face today with integrating new technologies into existing strategies. They will speak on the role of digital transformation in logistics and supply chain management and the role of new technologies such as the digital twin in solving challenges related to supply chains.

Attendees will learn to adjust their strategies and solution portfolios to accommodate digital transformation and new technologies in response to market opportunities and challenges. Attendees will also learn more about the effects of logistics and the value chain from a customer’s perspective. This insight will provide the foundation for attendees to develop demand-driven business strategies that place customers and suppliers as integral parts of their business plans to drive growth.

Martin Barkman is the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Solutions Management for Digital Supply Chain at SAP. His responsibilities include developing strategies that rely on digital transformation to enhance supply chains and business planning at a global level. Martin works closely with customers and startups to enhance their supply chain capabilities through the integration of technology.

Indranil Sircar is the CTO Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft. In this role, he spearheads the use of new technologies to help enterprises develop intelligent supply chain strategies. Indranil works with Microsoft partners to develop business strategies that transform manufacturing processes through emerging technology.
For more information about Simio Sync’s Digital Transformation conference and to register, please visit Simio Sync.

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Simio LLC was founded in 2005 by a highly experienced team. Founder and CEO of Simio LLC, C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D., has over three decades experience in simulation and scheduling and has been widely recognized as an industry leader. He led in the development of SLAM (marketed by Pritsker and Associates) and then founded Systems Modeling Corporation. Dennis led the creation of the market-leading simulation products SIMAN® and Arena®, as well as, the finite capacity scheduling product Tempo. Now Simio is a market leading, 4th generation simulation product with patents for flexible object design and scheduling risk analysis. Simio object design eliminates text based coding for building models and planners can predict the risk in their detailed production schedules. Simio’s unified model works for both facility design and managing daily operations. To learn more, visit Simio.