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Simio Awards $19,800 Grant to the University of Colorado Denver Business School

Sewickley, Pa.Simio, a developer of 3D object-oriented simulation software, has awarded a $19,800 grant to the University of Colorado Denver Business School. In 2009, U.S. News and World Report ranked UC Denver Business School one of “America’s Best Graduate Schools.”

UC Denver Business School is now one of over 140 universities worldwide to join Simio’s academic program, which offers Simio’s 3D modeling software to schools at no charge. Simio Academic Edition is fully capable software with no model size limits and includes discrete and continuous modeling, object library development, and 3D animation.

“The faculty at the Business School is committed to providing the best environment for their students to learn simulation,” said Dr. Dennis Pegden, Founder and CEO of Simio. “We are honored to provide them with the best software available to teach their students."

The school’s first use of Simio will be in its capstone course for our Decision Science major where students have to model and solve a significant problem brought to us by a company in the Denver area. This term, the students are modeling and analyzing traffic flows in downtown Denver for the Downtown Denver Partnership. Beyond this project, the school plans on using Simio in its simulation course and on future projects for the business community.

“I’m amazed by the simultaneous ease of use and power of Simio,” said Dr. Gary Kochenberger, Professor of Decision Science at UC Denver Business School. “The object orientation augmented by the add-on process and agent-based capabilities makes Simio a terrific choice for serious simulation modeling and analysis. I’m confident Simio will quickly become the market leader in simulation software.”

Students at the school will be able to model systems using intelligent objects and the software’s direct connection to Google’s 3D Warehouse – two features unique to Simio.

The intelligent objects are built by modelers and then may be reused in multiple modeling projects. These objects can be stored in libraries and easily shared. Simio’s connection to Google’s 3D Warehouse gives access to a free online library of thousands of graphic objects – providing students with the ability to solve real-world problems in visually-rich environments.

About the University of Colorado Denver Business School

Located on the University of Colorado Denver’s downtown campus, the Business School at UC Denver is the largest accredited graduate school of business in Colorado with more than 19,000 alumni. The school serves more than 1,200 graduate students and 1,400 undergraduate students each year. Students and faculty are involved in solving real-world business problems with area businesses every semester through classroom work, guest lectures and research projects. Currently, the school is preparing to move into a new location at 1475 Lawrence Street in the heart of downtown Denver. The new building will serve as a hub for all aspects of business education for students, faculty and community business partners.

About Simio LLC

Simio LLC is a privately held company that is dedicated to delivering leading edge solutions for the design, emulation, and scheduling of complex systems.

Simio LLC was founded in 2005 by a highly experienced team. Founder and CEO of Simio LLC, C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D., has over three decades experience in simulation and scheduling and has been widely recognized as an industry leader. He led in the development of SLAM (marketed by Pritsker and Associates) and then founded Systems Modeling Corporation. Dennis led the creation of the market-leading simulation products SIMAN® and Arena®, as well as, the finite capacity scheduling product Tempo. Now Simio is a market leading, 4th generation simulation product with patents for flexible object design and scheduling risk analysis. Simio object design eliminates text based coding for building models and planners can predict the risk in their detailed production schedules. Simio’s unified model works for both facility design and managing daily operations. To learn more, visit Simio.