2019 Simio Sync - Advanced Training

Registration for Training

The training after the User Group will consist of advanced topics with each day building on the day prior. You are welcome to take Day 1, or Day 1 and 2. We are still working on the exact topics.  If you have any advanced topics you want to learn about, email ehoward@simio.com. The tentative plan (subject to change) is:

  • Day 1 will focus on new and frequently requested topics found in Design Edition (and all others). This will include topics like modeling supply chain applications using the enhanced Materials and Inventory features, and using the API (programming) to address custom and complex issues.
  • Day 2 will focus on more advanced features found in Professional Edition but useful in both simulation and scheduling. This will include topics like: changeovers, work schedules, object templates, task sequencing, secondary resources, advanced tables, model initialization, and output tables. Some of these topics may appear in Day 1 instead.

Both days will highlight new features in the soon to be released Simio Version 11.

If you want to “up your game” to get more out of using Design edition you might want to attend just Day 1. If you want to get more out of Professional or RPS Edition or just find out if you could benefit from an upgrade, select Days 1 & 2. If you want to learn more about simulation-based planning and scheduling, come for all days. This training is not appropriate for people who have not yet completed Level 2 Simulation training or equivalent experience.