2019 Simio Sync - Advanced Training

Registration for Training

The training after the User Group will consist of advanced topics with each day building on the day prior. You are welcome to take Day 1, Day 1 and 2, or Day 1, 2, and 3. We are still working on the exact topics.  If you have any advanced topics you want to learn about, email ehoward@simio.com. An example of prior years description of the days are:

  • Day 1 will be targeted at all Simio users who want to expand on what they have learned during Simio Level 2 training. It will include topics such as the Extras Library, and more advanced treatment of topics like states, statistics, debugging techniques, processes, animation, and object-building.
  • Day 2 will feature twin goals: to expand on Day 1 with still more simulation topics, and to introduce some Enterprise-specific topics that are useful in both simulation and scheduling. This will include topics like: changeovers, work schedules , object templates, task sequencing, secondary resources, advanced tables, model initialization, input data, output tables, logs, and dashboards.
  • Day 3 will target Enterprise users to provide a solid coverage of simulation-based scheduling. It will include topics such as scheduling project approach, basic scheduling features, model driven approach, data generated approach, developing and expanding a data generated scheduling model, API, results comparison and experimentation, and schedule optimization (OptQuest).

If you want to “up your game” to get more out of using Design or Team edition you might want to attend just Day 1. If you want to get more out of Enterprise Edition or just find out if you could benefit from an upgrade, select Days 1 & 2. If you want to learn more about simulation-based planning and scheduling, come for all three days. This training is not appropriate for people who have not yet completed Level 2 Simulation training or equivalent experience.