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Simio User Group Meeting May 24-25, 2017 Pittsburgh, PA

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Presentations from Fortune 500 Companies and Top Universities


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event overview

1st Annual Simio User Group

Simio is excited to announce that it will hold its first user group meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on May 24-25th, 2017. This meeting will follow the 2017 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Annual Conference and Expo that is also in Pittsburgh. We invite you to join other users and friends of Simio in a variety of industries and companies such as: Boeing, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, HDR Architecture, Sun Chemical S.A., Honeywell FMT, American Airlines, Array Advisors, and many more!

schedule (Subject to Change)

8.00 am


speaker: Simio | Location: Main Vault (Below Lobby)

9.00 am


speaker: Simio | location: Main Vault

9.15 am


Speaker: Fangzhou Su | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Najim Afzalzada

Topic: Use of Simio in Airport Planning

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9.45 am

Array Advisors

speaker: Laura Silvoy | Location: Main Vault

Topic: Imaging Resource Utilization Optimization

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10.15 am

Ohio University

Speaker: Dusan Sormaz | Location: Main Vault

Topic: Teaching the Lab-intensive Simulation Course with Simio.

10.45 am


Location: Main Vault

11.00 am


Speaker: Jacob Ingalls | Location: Main Vault

Topic: Flexible Models in Simio

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11.30 am

HDR, Architecture

Speaker: Olivia Pewzer | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Zhanting Gao

Topic: Analyzing the Surgical Suite Environment by Focusing on Scheduling and Simulation Logic

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12.00 pm

Sun Chemical

Speaker: AITOR LUJUA | Location: Main Vault

Topic: Model at Nuremberg Plant and Simio Deployment Plan

12.45 pm


Location: Lobby Restaurant

1.45 pm

Lockheed Martin

Speaker: Lauren Gibbens | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Scott Swann

Topic: Simulation Modeling with Simio at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

2.15 pm

Diamond Head Associates, Inc.

Speaker: Ricki Ingalls | Location: Main Vault

Topic: $115 Billion 401K Boost Predicted with Simio Process Model

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2.45 pm

North Carolina University

Speaker: Jeff Joines | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Steve Roberts

Topic: Performance Improvement in DMV Offices using SIMIO within Lean-Six Sigma

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3.15 pm


Location: Main Vault

3.30 pm

Vancouver Coastal Health

Speaker: ERNEST WU | Location: Main Vault

Topic: Hospital Patient Flow Capacity Planning Simulation Model at Vancouver Coastal Health

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4.00 pm


Speaker: Craig Vansickle | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Adam Graunke

Topic: Entities, Agents & Manufacturing Systems

6.30 pm

Networking Dinner and Drinks

Location: City Works Pittsburgh

We invite you to join us for networking, drink and dinner at City Works. It is located at: 2 PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

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9.00 am

Simio Company Strategy

speaker: Dennis Pegden | Location: Main Vault

How Simio is defining the future of simulation.

9.30 am

Simio Feature Updates

speaker: Dennis Pegden | Location: Main Vault

Overview of what's new in Simio.

10.00 am

User Feedback and Panel Discussion

speaker: Simio and Users | Location: Main Vault

Discuss Simio strategies and features with company executives.

11.00 am


Location: Main Vault

11.15 am

Planning and Scheduling with Simio

Speaker: Gerrit Zaayman | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Glen Wirth

How Enterprise features can generate plans and schedules.

11.15 am

Making a Splash with Dashboards

speaker: Tony Innamorato | location: Coin Vault

Enhance your output analysis with custom dashboards.

11.45 am

Data Driven Modeling and Scheduling

Speaker: Gerrit Zaayman | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Glen Wirth

Learn how to replace complex custom models with data-driven modeling.

11.45 am

Learn Some New Simio Features

speaker: Christine Watson | location: Coin Vault

More details on recent Simio features like balking, reneging, and simultaneous seizing.

12.15 pm


location: Lobby Restaurant

1.15 pm

Real-time scheduling with MES integration

Speaker: Gerrit Zaayman | Location: Main Vault

Speaker: Glen Wirth

How Simio can link up to Wonderware and other MES systems

1.15 pm

Ups and Downs with the Extras Library

Speaker: Devdatta Deo |location: Coin Vault

Learn about elevators, overhead cranes, lift trucks/racks, robots

1.45 pm

Simio Portal for Execution and Results Distribution

Speaker: Norene Collins | location: Main Vault

Simio's new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering can help you

1.45 pm

Task Sequences for Multi-Tasking

Speaker: Christine Watson | location: Coin Vault

An introduction to using Task Sequences to represent higher process detail

2.15 pm


location: Main Vault

2.30 pm

Processes - Beyond the Basics

Speaker: David Sturrock | location: Main Vault

Learn about more advanced Process features and some powerful steps.

2.30 pm

Techniques to Eradicate Tough Bugs

Speaker: Renee Thiesing | location: Coin Vault

Learn and exchange tips to find those pesky bugs.

3.00 pm

Experimentation and Model Performance Tips

Speaker: David Sturrock | location: Main Vault

Learn and share your tips about how to make Simio run even faster.

3.00 pm

Model Enhancement with Data Tables

Speaker: Katie Prochaska | location: Coin Vault

Why and how to use Simio data tables.

Venue overview

Drury Hotel

This brand new hotel in downtown Pittsburgh is a historic renovation of the Federal Reserve Bank building and is a block away from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Reservations can be made by reserving online, go to Reservations may also be made by calling 1-800-325-0720.

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Venue location

  • Address: 745 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Phone: 1-800-325-0720
  • Website:
  • Group Number: 2303268