System Simulation—Simio Technology and Application

System Simulation Textbook

COMING SOON! New Textbook in Chinese and English.

This book will explain the basic concepts, principles and methods of system simulation, especially discrete system simulation. The introducing processes are consistent with the steps to solve the real system simulation project. In each chapter, combined with small targeted models, the new generation real 3D simulation software Simio will be taught step by step. Following this example teaching method, the reader can easily grasp the advantages and usage of Simio. In the end, through two larger models, the understanding of system simulation and Simio will be more deep, the first one is a production system model and the second one is a logistics system model.

This book can be used as the system simulation course teaching material for undergraduate and graduate students (discrete system simulation course, manufacturing industrial system simulation course, logistics industrial system simulation course, service industry system simulation course, etc.). It also can be used as reference book for system analysis and optimization by simulation.

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