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Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications - Second Edition

by W. David Kelton, Jeffrey S. Smith and David T. Sturrock

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This textbook is targeted for use as the primary text in introductory and second courses in simulation at both the advanced-undergraduate and beginning-graduate levels.

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The book is organized into three parts: Simulation Concepts, Simulation Model-Building with Simio, and Case Studies Using Simio. Each part is composed of two to six focused chapters. While the book as a whole will be fully integrated, the various chapters could stand alone as a module of a few weeks in a larger survey course, as well as serve as the foundation of a whole course on simulation that would go on to include some or all of the last three parts.View full Preface (other excerpts available below).

Author Statement:

Our objective is for this book to serve as the primary text in introductory and perhaps second courses in simulation at both the undergraduate and beginning-graduate levels. The text or components of it could also support a simulation module of a few weeks within a larger survey course in programs without a stand-alone simulation course (e.g., MBA). It is written in an accessible tutorial-style writing approach centered on specific examples rather than general concepts, and covers a variety of applications including an international flavor.

Our experience has shown that these characteristics make the text easier to read and absorb, as well as appealing to students from many different cultural and applications backgrounds. A first simulation course would probably cover Chapters 1 through 8 thoroughly, and likely Chapters 9 and 10, particularly for upper class or graduate-level students. For a second simulation course, it might work to skip or quickly review all of Part 1 (Chapters 1-4), thoroughly cover all of Part 2 (Chapters 5-10) and use Part 3 as reinforcing assignments.

The extensibility introduced in Chapter 10 could provide some interesting project work for a graduate student with some programming background, as it could be easily linked to other research topics. For a simulation module that's part of a larger survey course, concentrating on Chapters 1, 5, and 6, and then perhaps lightly touch on Chapters 7 and 8 and some of Part 1, as time permits, would be recommended. Supplemental course material is also available on-line.

Second Edition:

This second edition incorporates changes suggested by first-edition readers, as well as changes we initiated. Many small typos and other errors have been corrected, and end-of-chapter problems have been improved and added. Additional queueing material in Chapter 2 has been introduced (a program for numerical evaluation of the M/M/c; treatment of the G/M/1 queue and a spreadsheet program to solve it numerically in one case). A more capable “textbook” version of the Stat::Fit distribution-fitting software has replaced the prior “student” version in Chapter 4. Many new Simio features added since the first edition are now included. And we have completely rewritten the case studies in Part III.

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Textbook Excerpt

Click here to view an excerpt of the Table of Contents and Chapter 1. This excerpt provides a good overview of the book contents and writing style, and is also a useful introduction to simulation and simulation success skills.

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