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Simio is a family of products that includes the Personal, Design, Team, and Enterprise Editions. Models built with all are fully compatible both up and down the product family. Design, Team and Enterprise Editions provide the same powerful 3D object-based modeling environment. Enterprise Editions also allows for the special view for schedules built in Enterprise Edition to be ran.

Many simulation packages are built on out-dated 2D technology that limits your ability to visualize your process or capture 3D spatial relationships in your system. Some of these older products limit you to 2D only models, while others offer expensive/complex 3D add-ons that require you to build a separate 3D visualization of your system, and then tie these two separate components together. These extra steps add unnecessary work and time to your project, and make your model and animation difficult to edit and maintain.

In contrast, Simio provides a true object-based 3D modeling environment which lets you construct your 3D model in a single step from a top-down 2D view, and then instantly switch to a 3D view of your system. You simply drag and place your 3D objects from an Object Library into your facility view of the model.

All Simio model-building products directly integrate with Google Warehouse to allow you to quickly download from a massive library of freely available 3D symbols to easily and quickly add realism to your models.

Simio Personal Edition

Simio Personal Edition is a no cost version of Simio. This version of Simio puts no limits on what you can model and is fully functional for models up to 5 models, 30 objects and 30 steps! It is perfect for you to explore and learn Simio's simulation and production scheduling capabilities. You can also use the Simio Personal Edition to open and run models that have been built by the Simio Team Edition or higher. Learn More!

Simio Design Edition

Simio Design is our standard product and includes the Standard Library for getting started with Simio, but adds a unique and powerful capability (patent pending) that allows you to modify the logic of your objects using add-on process-oriented logic. This version of the software also provides you with the ability to create and distribute your own custom modeling libraries. Simio Design is the ideal product for professional modelers that want to have full control over complex process logic or want to develop new modeling libraries focused on specific applications areas. Learn More!

Simio Team Edition

Simio Team has the same functionality provided by Simio Design, but also lets you build and distribute models using the freely available Simio Personal Edition as a runtime platform. Models built with the Team Edition will run and generate results with the Simio Personal Edition. Simio Team is ideal for consultants that want to deliver a running model to their customer without requiring them to purchase Simio. The Team Edition also provides the capability to distribute scenarios and replications across other computers in your work-group. Learn More!

Simio Enterprise Edition

Simio Enterprise adds a powerful set of patent-pending features to extend the Team Edition capabilities into daily operational support. Extend the use and lifespan of your previously built Simio models or build and execute new models for Risk-based Planning and Scheduling(RPS). Custom tailor reports, graphs, and tables for use by schedulers. Reduce your risk and costs by analyzing your schedules in ways never before possible. Learn More!

Simio Portal Edition - Now Available!

Portal Edition brings the power of Simio simulation to the Cloud. With Simio Portal Edition, you can instantly access multiple powerful simulation processors for running simulation experiments and generating plans. Access Simio Portal Edition from an internet connected device using Microsoft's Azure platform, or from Simio's desktop products without having to install any extra hardware or software. Instantly share model results over the web with no software or downloads required. Learn More!

OptQuest for Simio

OptQuest for Simio is available as an add-on to the standard Simio products. OptQuest tightly integrates with Simio experiments and uses state-of-the-art algorithms, including Tabu Search, Neural Networks, Scatter Search, and Linear/Integer Programming to generate and evaluate scenarios in search of optimal configurations.

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Simio Academic Edition

Fully functional versions of Simio are available to students and faculty. Simio educational grants make it easy to obtain, learn and teach what your students need to be successful. The resources of the Simio Academic Community support your objectives to stay ahead of the technology curve and meet the demands of next generation technology. With software, course development, texts and discussion forums, the Simio Academic Community gets you off to a fast start. See the Academic Quick Start page for complete information.

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