We want YOUR SimBits.

Do you have objects, models, libraries, path decorators, textures, symbols, custom API code, documentation, or anything else others might find useful? Please attach it here with a brief description.
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We want YOUR SimBits.

Post by dsturrock » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:39 pm

If you are actively using Simio, and especially if you are actively helping others, you will probably find yourself from time to time creating small models to test a behavior or illustrate an idea or solution. If this is something not already found in our SimBits (please look there first) then we are anxious to share your model with others.

Ideally this is a completed, well documented, and polished model :D -- we love those and can add them to the software immediately and we will make sure you get full credit for your work.

But we realize that not everyone has the time or skills to generate a model of that level, so we will gladly accept any contributions or even an idea for a good SimBit. But ideas and unfinished contributions do take more effort and hence more time to get released.

If you want to minimize the time to release, please follow the guidelines in the attached files.
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Please email your SimBit submissions (model and doc file) to support@simio.com.
You have sincere thanks from both Simio employees and our customers.
Dave Sturrock
VP Operations, Simio LLC

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