Time dependent routing sequence

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Time dependent routing sequence

Post by dsroelofsen » Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:31 am

Hi guys,

I'm modeling a transportation network, where a disruption occurs. During the time of the disruption, vehicles will use a different route, but as soon as the disruption is cleared, vehicles will follow the original route again.

I managed to model both seperate routes, that is vehicles taking the original route and vehicles taking the detour route. However, now I want to combine these two, depending on the current time. For instance, from t=0, vehicles traverse the original route. At t=10, a disruption occurs somewhere along the original route, and the detour comes into place. Vehicles traverse the detour route from t=10 up to the moment the disruption is cleared, say t=20. From t=20 on, the original route is traversed again.

I would say the easiest solution would be with a decide process somewhere, where the routing sequence is defined. So something like Run.TimeNow < 10, true --> Route sequence = Original Route. Run.TimeNow <20, true --> Route sequence = Detour Route. False, Route sequence = Original Route.

However, the problem with this approach is that I cannot define the route sequence by means of an expression or process, but I have to select a static route from a list.

Does anybody have a clue how to model this? Thanks in advance!

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