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Advisory and Consultancy business about information technology solutions to industrial processes and manufacturing operations. To increase productivity and efficiency toward operational excellence. Experiences and knowledge Transfer across different industries partnering with universities and other academic institutions

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires (1405), Argentina
Phone: 54-911-5862-0055


Paragon Tech Argentina

Serving Argentina and Uruguay, Paragon Tech Argentina is helping customers optimize their strategic investment decisions to scenarios of risk and uncertainty own business.

Entre Rios 318 piso 8
Rosario, Argentina
Phone: 54-341-5308175




Paragon is committed to offering customized solutions to decision-making with emphasis on mathematical technology and minimizing risks to efficiency in the analysis of the value chain of customers. Paragon Consulting serves Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and all Latin America.

Rua Arminda 93, Vila Olimpia
São Paulo, SP, Brazil , 04545-100
Phone: 55-11-4058-8888



Empresa Virtual

Consultant in simulation modeling, over 27 years of experience working in projects and academic programs. The main areas have been mining, port and road congestion. Manufacturing; Supply Chain; Logistics; Transportation; Cargo Ports; Mining; Education.

Sergio Valenzuela
Av. Libertad 919 Of.43
Viña del Mar - Chile
Phone: 56-32-288-1283