Deliver On Your Promise

Deliver on Your Promise

How Simulation-Based Scheduling Will Change Your Business

You’re a manager. You may be in charge of a make-to-order product, or maybe you oversee transportation and logistics in the service industry. But no matter what you do, the most important part of your job is to make your customers happy. And your biggest headache? It’s scheduling, and all the ugly words that so often come with it: long lead times, late orders, overtime hours, high production costs—and unhappy customers.

Many companies, possibly the one you work for, have already invested in information systems to try and ease the whole scheduling process. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), for example, or Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems can track customer orders, plan production, and order materials. And more complex Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can tell you the status of the production floor and the flow of work through your system. These various tools can help with things like ordering during specific planning periods, providing information on individual pieces of equipment, and knowing the whereabouts of each order on the factory floor.

This book is for managers who want a better understanding of the process of scheduling so they can keep their valued customers happy. Using accessible, non-technical language, the book answers questions about why scheduling is so challenging, how scheduling solutions have evolved over time, and what can be done about those long leads times and lost sales.

The bottom line is that a good-quality schedule has significant impact on the overall performance of an organization and provides an irrefutable competitive advantage. This book explains how revolutionary simulation technology can boost your business and help you deliver on your promise.

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About the Author

David Sturrock, Vice-President of Operations

C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D. is the founder/CEO of Simio LLC, and was previously the founder/CEO of Systems Modeling Corporation, now part of Rockwell Software. He has held faculty positions at both the University of Alabama in Huntsville and The Pennsylvania State University. He led in the development of the SLAM, SIMAN, Arena, and Simio simulation products, and the simulation-based scheduling features in Preactor 400 (now owned by Siemens) and FactoryTalk Scheduler (now owned by Rockwell). He is the author/co-author of five books on simulation and has published papers in several other fields, including mathematical programming, queuing, computer arithmetic, scheduling, and simulation.