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Global Multi-Plant Remanufacturer Uses Simio Software to Streamline and Forecast Production

Executive Summary


Global multi-plant remanufacturer whose wide-ranging products and services cover original capital equipment as well as remanufacturing and support services


Finding a simulation solution that also offered robust scheduling tools


Simio Enterprise Edition software with scheduling functionality, which immediately helped [confidential company] meet production deadlines and now is used for a variety of forecasting and scheduling challenges


The U.S. subsidiary provides support and service solutions for current and future high-cost, engineered to order and manufactured to order capital equipment and associate components.

To enhance the efficiency of its remanufacturing operations, [confidential company] has been using simulation software for many years. Recently, they began using Simio Enterprise Edition, which differs from traditional simulation software because it provides rapid modeling and flexibility, and its patented risk-based planning and scheduling (RPS) functionality integrates traditional planning and scheduling features with stochastic modeling for risk analysis. While [confidential company]’s initial interest in Simio was for traditional analysis of design, the industrial engineering department soon determined that Simio’s scheduling software was a valuable addition that could help them design and manage complex production schedules.

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Praise for Simio

“The Excel interoperability is very convenient. Our planners didn’t need to learn the Simio software; they just needed to know what to feed it. We can make changes in minutes.”

Industrial Engineer, Confidential Remanufacturing Company

“It is hard to imagine, but we didn’t really see the best solution until we ran simulations with the Simio software. No one had even thought about doing the alternative that Simio projected it for us. The software allows you to do some non-conventional thinking.”

Industrial Engineer Manager, Confidential Remanufacturing Company