Speaker Announcements for Simio Sync Digital Transformation

Simio Sync 2020 is a meeting of like-minded professionals within the digital transformation space and as the event date gets closer, periodic announcements introducing speakers at the event will be provided. Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of expert speakers to the event line-up. These speakers bring decades of experience in diverse industries including healthcare, business development, hospitality, and education to the podium.

The confirmed keynote speakers for Simio Sync are Martin Barkman of SAP and Indranil Sircar of Microsoft. Martin brings his experiences as the lead strategist for SAP’s digital supply chain and the years spent optimizing supply chains using digital technology at SmartOps to the event. His keynote speech will focus on digital transformation and what it means to established enterprises and startups.

Indranil is expected to speak on the emergence of disruptive technological solutions and how manufacturing enterprises can harness digital technology to solve age-old problems. He will beam his searchlight on the application of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the digital twin to ease logistics and supply chain management challenges. Practical examples from his time at Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft will serve as relatable case studies for attendees.

The keynote session starts on the 4th of May. You and your team can take advantage of the early bird tickets by signing up now to secure seating and hotel space. Get your early bird ticket today.

Introducing the Confirmed Speakers for Simio Sync

We are also excited to announce the additional speakers who will be speaking at the event and the topics attached to their sessions. Starting with our very own, Molly Arthur, the Senior Customer Care Manager, who’ll be speaking on the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) tests and the use of Simio software for laboratory simulations. She’ll be presenting her ideas using case studies covering Simio’s application in physics laboratories.

Molly, will draw from her approximately seven-year experience providing support to Simio partners. Her session will include facts and figures which attendees from STEM-related fields will find educative concerning the application of Simio in educational institutions. This session will also include details on how Simio supports its customers, building solutions in the educational niche.

Simio Sync will also feature an industrial and business analytics session, headed by Roman Buil Gine of Accenture Analytics. He is an experienced partner, who has applied Simio in real-world settings to solve complex industrial challenges.

Roman, a functional and Industry Analytics professional, will headline the Simio case study session. His session will explore Simio’s application as an industrial analysis tool across a variety of industries including the manufacturing industry.

Roman will rely on his experiences at Accenture and his use of Simio software as an analytical tool for diverse enterprises. His session will focus on specific case studies which showcases Simio as a digital transformation tool while making a business case for its application in the diverse industries of every attendee. Roman’s session provides insight into Simio’s support for its partners and how business organizations can receive actionable intelligence from the data they produce using Simio.

Introducing Simulation and Digital Transformation in Service Industries

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about digitally transforming organizations within the service and production industry from experienced consultants.

Paul Glaser, Principal Consultant at Kitchen Simp LLC, will speak on the role of digital technology in optimizing services within the hospitality industry. His session will focus on CKE Virtual Restaurants and the role augmented reality, digital twin technology, and simulation played in enhancing real-time supply, delivery, and customer services.

Paul is expected to speak on his role in optimizing productivity at established service businesses such as the Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s chain of restaurants. His session will include practical tips on applying Simio as a digital transformation tool and the importance of augmented reality in training and validation.

Simio Sync is also delighted to announce Mohamed Eldakroury of Danfoss Power Solutions, as a speaker for the event. Mohamed will be speaking on the role of digital transforming technologies in optimizing industrial processes in the energy sector.

During his session titled, “Receiving Central Paint and Packaging Simulation at Danfoss Power Solutions”, Mohamed will share applicable insights on the role of simulation in managing and predicting control process behavior, and scheduling in power plants.

He is expected to draw on his experiences as a process engineer at Danfoss Power Solutions and the application of Simio which forms the basis of his speech. Attendees can expect to learn about the role of simulation in monitoring, managing, scheduling, and predicting patterns in meeting the energy consumption needs of consumers.

Introducing Speakers on Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Finally, Simio Sync is excited to announce speakers who will host sessions covering the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. We would like to introduce you to Daniel O’Neil, the Health Systems Innovation Lead at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Daniel O’Neil is experienced with the application of advanced technologies and digital transformation in delivering optimized services to customers. His experiences include applying technology to drive innovation within the healthcare industry at the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

His session titled “Building Capacity for Healthcare Modeling and Simulation” will expand on Molly Arthur’s speech on JHUAPL tests. He will provide use cases covering the application of Simio within the healthcare industry and how it enhances the care patients receive and the functional capabilities of healthcare providers.

Attendees interested in applying Simio as a digital transformation tool within healthcare facilities will find the wealth of information shared in his session useful to their organizations.

The digital transformation of the healthcare industry sessions will also see Nayaf Ahmad, of Vancouver Coastal Health, speak on capacity planning using digital technology. Nayaf will introduce attendees to the importance of simulation, scheduling, and advanced planning in delivering quality healthcare.

Nayaf will provide details on how digital technology and the data produced from healthcare facilities can be used to make intelligent business decisions. He will share case studies on the application of data analytics and how it helps simplify decision-making processes in healthcare facilities. His session titled “Capacity Planning for a Primary Healthcare Clinic’ will be a goldmine of information for attendees within the healthcare industry.

Networking at Simio Sync

We promised a great event for networking and the reception at the historic Heinz History Center in association with the Smithsonian Institute delivers on that promise.

The networking reception will provide attendees with the opportunity to speak with the highlighted speakers and other attendees at Simio Sync. The chosen location also ensures that everyone has ready ice-breakers to easily kick-start conversations. The Historical Center celebrates 250 years of Pittsburgh’s notable innovations and their impact on society through the years.

Attendees will learn about Pittsburgh’s role in redefining civil society, digital technology, and innovation. This makes the networking reception a must-attend event for every individual and working teams planning to be a part of Simio Sync. To participate in this thrilling reception, you can kick-start the process by registering for Simio Sync today.

Round-Up an Exciting Week by Participating in Training Classes

Simio Sync offers a festival celebrating all things digital transformation with the aim being to inspire you to start the digital transformation process now. While the conference provides use cases on digital transformation across diverse industries, the training classes will introduce you to the basics of simulation, scheduling, and digital analytics with Simio.

The training classes offer attendees a starting point to digital transformation through the Simio Fundamentals Course. This course is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of simulation and would like to refresh their knowledge of it.

Simio Advanced Course takes things to the next level by providing advanced training to simulation professionals. This course is for professionals with applicable knowledge of simulation and it makes use of the Simio Professional Edition software to enhance your knowledge of data-driven models and advanced process management.

The final training option focuses on scheduling with Simio. The course titled Simio Advanced Course Plus Scheduling, provides advanced training to simulation professionals and data analysts interests in using the RPS edition. The course will teach you how to get started with building scheduling projects using detailed demonstrations and case studies.

The training courses start right after the conference. They will be held between May 6 – 8. While the “Refresher Course” and the “Advanced Course Plus Scheduling‘ will be available for the 3 days, the Simio Advanced Course will only be available from the 6th of May to the 7th.

It is important to note that the Simio Advanced Course prepares you for the Advanced Course Plus Scheduling. Thus, we recommend that experienced simulation professionals participate in the former before undertaking the advanced scheduling course. Tickets for the training classes are currently on sale and you can purchase yours today.

Click here to fill out the registration form which takes about 4 minutes. The registration form provides you with the choice of registering for multiple events and as an attendee or a presenter. It also provides you with details about the training classes and the opportunity to register.

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