Simio Announces Keynote Speakers for Simio Sync: Digital Transformation Conference

At this year’s Simio Sync: Digital Transformation conference (May 4 – 5), Simio is planning a bigger event covering all things digital by increasing the number of programs and expert speakers compared to last year’s event. The goal is to cover the expanding ecosystem around digital transformation while providing a platform for attendees to experience practical examples of its application across every human endeavor.

To this end, we are enlisting great speakers with years of hands-on experience in digital transformation to lead expansive sessions on application, strategy, and charting a course using digital technologies. Today, Simio is excited to announce two great speakers who will be sharing their experiences with digitally transforming supply chains and the manufacturing industry.

We are happy to announce Martin Barkman, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Solutions Management for Digital Supply Chain at SAP. Martin leads the strategy and go-to-market for SAP’s Digital Supply Chain solution portfolio, which encompasses software for R&D, engineering, supply chain planning, manufacturing, logistics, and asset management.

He will be speaking on the role digital transformation plays in enhancing supply chain management and implementation strategies. His session will also provide practical examples for enterprises interested in driving their supply chain strategy using technology. These practical examples will leverage on the 12 years’ experience he gained providing on-premise and cloud-based solutions for optimizing supply chains at SmartOps. 

We’re also pleased to announce Indranil Sircar, CTO Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft. Indranil has considerable experience with logistics and supply chain management using disruptive technologies. He has helped big businesses develop intelligent supply chain strategies using the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and the digital twin.

At Simio Sync, the veteran with over 30 years of experience at Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, will be speaking about the use of digital transformation to set and drive manufacturing visions or strategies. He will also share practical examples about using high-tech and edge solutions to accelerate digital transformation, as well as, how they bring value to enterprises.

The distinguished speakers will also be available to take questions from members of the audience which provides you with the opportunity to present the specific challenges you have faced with digital transformation.

You do not want to miss this and the other events including the networking dinner with industry stakeholders from Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobile, BAE Systems etc. and Simio Spouses Agenda that we have lined up for you. Get your early bird tickets today.

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