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Concurrent Capacity Planning – Aligning F-35 Supply Chain and Business Capture Strategies

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New Solutions for Production Dilemmas

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"…what gives a tool value is flexibility… Simio provides me greater value through flexibility with the addition of 3D animation." Dr. John T. Carson,
Staff Operations Engineer,
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

In engineer-to-order and make-to-order production operations traditional planning and scheduling methods are unable to account for unavoidable variations, making it difficult for them to remain of value in the long term.

In contrast, simulation-based operational analytics can incorporate variation into the model, providing long-term value. However, this requires a new set of simulation tools specifically designed to focus on cost and quality, including the ability to account for the underlying risk imposed by variations in the system. These new analytic tools go beyond the traditional use of simulation for assessing alternative designs and directly support the use of models within an operational setting to improve the everyday production, operational, and business level decisions that are key drivers to the overall success of an aircraft assembly plant. Learn about Risk-based planning & scheduling (RPS)

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Fix ERP for M-T-O Production: Improved Decision Support with Risk-based planning and scheduling (RPS) with Rich Ritchie

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Risk-based planning and scheduling (RPS) with Dr. Dennis Pegden

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