Simio Academic Program: Improving Disney World's Monorail System

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

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Improving Disney World's Monorail System Disney patrons approaching the train to board. Walt Disney World wants to improve the Monorail system that connects the parks. Currently there is a gap between the platforms at the stations and the train. This creates a time problem when a guest in a wheelchair needs to board the train. An attendant has to roll a special ramp from the platform to the train; this holds the train at the platform for nearly an additional five minutes. Disney is considering adding more trains or fixing the platforms permanently so that the passengers can board on their own and the trains can run at fixed intervals.


Improving Disney World's Monorail System A view of the monorail system. The students modeled the train and train stations, considering the number of stations, the number of trains, the maximum number of passengers per train, time at stops and time in transit. Scenarios were created to evaluate adding trains, adjusting dispatching rules, or just keeping the stops at each station at a fixed time of three minutes (which requires the platforms to be modified.)


The students found that the best option was to fix the platforms. Allowing for stops at each station to remain at a fixed time of three minutes gave guests the shortest time on the Monorail System and more time to enjoy the parks.

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