Simio Academic Program: Dalian Jiaotong University's Large Railway Passenger Station Model

Organization: Dalian Jiaotong University

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Purpose of Research

  1. Accurately forecast the maximum assembling at the railway passenger station
  2. Evaluate level of service of passenger transfer
  3. Study the utilization of facilities
  4. Analyze performance of ticketing system
  5. Survey of passenger volume distribution

Students at Dalian JiaoTong University created a model of Dalian Railway Station to forecast the maximum passenger capacity. The data doesn't consider railway station idle people and seeing-off people. This model reveals passenger arrival pattern and maximum passing capacity, which are helpful in the re-design of Dalian Railway Station.

The students are also creating models to simulate the ticketing system and passenger evacuation at railway passenger station.

Students are actively participating in this project and they find Simio is really a quick solution.

As Professor Li Jitao puts it: "Simio is so easy to learn yet so powerful to solve real world problems with its expressive power of 3D and flexible process capability. My students enjoy Simio. It’s really a nice experience in how to create a modern simulation interface -- lots of fun."

About Dalian Jiaotong University

Dalian Jiaotong University
Dalian Jiaotong University is located at the charming costal city of Dalian. The school was founded in 1956. It is a famous university in China, known for its traffic and transportation research with high reputation for its rigorous management and its serious academic pursuits. Dalian Jiaotong University is among the first universities to use Simio for simulation teaching and research in Mainland China.

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