Simio Academic Program: Increasing Customer Satisfaction At Antalya Airport

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

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A short video to show where the Antalya Airport is located.


Increasing Customer Satisfaction At Antalya Airport
The airport, terminals and planes.

Management at the Antalya Airport in Turkey wanted to improve customer satisfaction in the International Terminal II. The current set-up causes customers to experience delays in arrivals and departures. Management debated whether increase the capacity of the Terminal II by adding new gates or adding a new runway.


Students at the University of Pittsburgh were asked to use Simio to help with this decision. Students simulated adding new gates to the terminal and adding a new runway to the airport. The managers of the airport provided the students with average times for each part of the process: from landing to arriving at a gate, unloading luggage, passenger unloading, and cleaning the aircraft before reloading.


Increasing Customer Satisfaction At Antalya Airport
As the simulation runs, the information changes on the pie charts to show changes in the category.

The students created various scenarios. The simulation showed that adding a runway improved times OR adding four extra gates improved times, NOT both. The students created a model that allows future use for airport management to assess additional changes for any part of the airport depending on future needs.

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