Simio Academic Program: Simulation To Predict Restaurant Staffing

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

by T. Wable & Deepashree C.N
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Jambo Grill is the new restaurant at the Pittsburgh zoo. It is much larger compared to the existing restaurant, with a seating capacity of around 300 seats (outdoor and indoor included). Offers a wide range of menu options ranging from grab and go to made to order. They follow ‘Chipotle style’ service to their customers. On a pleasant, busy summer weekend they cater to around 3500 plus customers on an average.

Our stakeholder, Pittsburgh Zoo authorities approached us to evaluate the sufficiency of staffing provided using ‘Simio’ to offer best customer service.

Project Objectives

  • Evaluate the staffing requirements and the time in system of the customers in the new restaurant, Jambo Grill, at the Pittsburgh Zoo for weekend during the summer

Summary and Conclusions

University of Pittsburgh - Simio
Tanvi Wable & Deepashree C.N presenting their findings

After carefully carrying out simulation analysis our team concludes that the current staffing decision is sufficient to handle the incoming visitors guaranteeing customer satisfaction mentioned above and can accommodate an additional number of up to 200 during the peak rush hour between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. Beyond which additional staffing or Make to stock to be increased.

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