Simio Academic Program: Simulation Modeling for Specialty Patient Flow in Western Half of VISN 4

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

by Z. Geng
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Project Objectives

The project is directed toward modeling and simulation of the veterans’ flow in the western half of VISN 4 according to the project’s functional specification. It covers the management of schedule of the specialties in VA Pittsburgh University Drive, considering the day off of the specialties, different type of specialties, different type of veterans’ arrivals, canceled, disconnected during the waiting days, to get the average waiting days, and the number and ratio of the veterans waiting more than 14 days as the metrics of the service level.

Summary and Conclusions

Our analysis represents ideas to improve the present service level, like increase slots, improve the time in exam and other pre-waiting time. However, further analysis is needed to find ways to make more scientific schedules for decision making. In additional, more data in the exams and other activities may be needed in the further analysis to set up a more thorough system model for more precise and providing more solutions to solve the problems stated before.

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