Simio Academic Program: Model and Simulate Clinical Settings to Evaluate Improvement

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

by A. Surati, J. Sharan & S. Jagannath
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This project aims to model and simulate clinical settings to evaluate improvement by automation and process mapping of patient ascertainment and sample processing for clinical care and research.

Project Objectives

  • Determine whether the automated process for various clinical settings will be more efficient in terms of time saved in comparison to the method currently employed

Summary and Conclusions

University of Pittsburgh - Simio
Aniket Surati, Joseph Sharan & Srinidhi Jagannath presenting their findings

The SIMIO model is in line with the problem definition and addresses all the concerns of the problem definition.  Notwithstanding, there can be a few more improvements that can be implemented into this model such as the use of tablets at registration that will help the patients save a lot more time instead of having to spend more time at the registration desk. This method of substituting automation in larger clinical settings allows for faster post processing of the blood samples drawn from patients. Such as sending mails to the respective departments to store the blood samples and to transport those on time instead of waiting on a human intervention that may delay the processing time. The tablets can integrate a system that handles all the consenting, contacting respective personnel, entering and storing records into the patient database and then being able to track the progress within the clinical setting. This will allow for faster processing, reduced costs, and better data storage and accountability.

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