Simio Academic Program: The Effect Of Consolidating Trauma Centers In Pittsburgh

Organization: University of Pittsburgh

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The Effect Of Consolidating Trauma Centers In Pittsburgh
A view of the trauma center, as if you're there.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) owns four trauma centers in Pittsburgh: Presbyterian, Mercy, Children's and Hamot. UPMC wanted to evaluate the impact of consolidating the facilities into fewer centers.


The Effect Of Consolidating Trauma Centers In Pittsburgh
Three dimensional view of the trauma center.

Students at the University of Pittsburgh used Simio to see the existing utilization of all UPMC trauma centers and a simulation of the results of consolidating all trauma centers. Children's was not included in the simulation because it is the only UPMC trauma facility equipped to handle medical trauma in children. UPMC Presbyterian remains open in these simulations; other trauma centers are closed and the effect on UPMC Presbyterian is assessed.


Initial Results:

  • To consolidate Mercy Trauma Center - The utilizations of medical staff and the waiting times increased to being above optimal or unacceptable levels.
  • To consolidate Hamot Trauma Center - The utilizations of the medical staff remained acceptable, but not optimal, and the patient waiting times increased to nearly the maximum acceptable waiting time.
  • To consolidate both trauma centers - If rates are unacceptable or near unacceptable with one trauma center closing, then to close both will cause more unacceptable results.

The team reevaluated the scenarios with additional personnel:

  • Adding one doctor and one nurse at UPMC Presbyterian significantly lowered the utilization of the staff to below optimal.
  • This also lowered the waiting time to lower than the maximum requirement.
  • With the additional personnel, closing both Mercy and Hamot Trauma Centers, Presbyterian can still handle the influx of additional patients and maintain acceptable levels of staff utilization and wait times for a bed.

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