Simio Academic Program: Identifying Bottle Necks In Student Amenities Center

Organization: University of Hong Kong

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Identifying Bottle Necks In Student Amenities Center

The Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre at the University of Hong Kong is a four-level building that operates mainly for students. Facilities include an exhibition counter, an activity room, a multi-purpose room, a meeting room, a convenience store, two music rooms, student canteens with two restaurants and a large podium outside the entrance/exit of the center. The center is usually overcrowded and always crowded during lunch hours while some parts are under-utilized.


The students looked at the layout of the building, what rooms and equipment is on each floor and the best way to move between floors. The students simulated the activities in the center to balance the resources. The model assumes that some exhibitions or activities are being held in the center.


The results showed where to add or remove staff to make sure that all employees are better utilized to improve customer satisfaction and decrease bottlenecks. For example, in the cafeteria area, reduce cashiers and increase cooking staff to reduce wait times in the small cafeteria wait area; The staffing in the bank is insufficient during peak times - increasing staff by just one person during peak hours would significantly reduce the wait times. Students did note that the results of the simulation could be used as reference for the preparation of specific event days in the center.

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