Simio Academic Software Request

Simio makes top quality, state-of-the-art software available to instructors, students, and researchers via an automatic grant. Our academic products are functionally equivalent to Simio Design Edition including discrete and continuous modeling, object library development, and 3D animation. In certain situations, we allow Simio Enterprise Edition to be substituted. To ensure that you are directed to the proper request, please review the following:

  • Academic Version: This version is for installation on any computers owned by an institution whose primary business is teaching. May be used in student labs as well as by instructors and researchers. If you are an instructor with a new request, please fill out the form on this page.
  • Request Additional Seats: If you have an existing license in your name with Simio and wish to add more seats, please visit here.

The academic software may not be used for commercial work. By ordering this software, you acknowledge that you agree to and will follow the limitations of use described here. You also agree that you will acknowledge the Simio Educational grant on a public portion of your class, department or institution web site with a link to

This form is designed for ACADEMIC INSTRUCTORS only, students and others visit HERE.