Gain Insights with 3D Animation

Integrated Dynamic 3D Animation

Although the Gantt charts in Simio are very powerful they still provide only a static view of the schedule. Simio also provides a 3D animated view of the schedule that is integrated with the entity and resource Gantts. For example you can double click on a resource in the 3D animation and jump directly to that resource in the Gantt. You can also select a resource and schedule time on the resource Gantt and jump directly to the animation at that same point in time. The 3D animated model can also be used to directly edit the entity and resource properties; i.e. you can click on an entity or resource in the animation and change selected properties.

Powerful Viewing Features

Simio Enterprise featuring RPS gives you a truly immersive 3D experience that provides insights into the schedule that are not obvious from a static view such as provided by Gantt charts. The animation lets you look forward in time and see your schedule in action.

Simio's multiple camera angles allow you to step into your model and see things like never before. As the animation runs, you can follow along with any moving object in your model. For example you can take a tour of facility from the perspective of an AGV at a specific future point in your schedule. Simio's ability to follow along with any moving object -- sometimes referred to as the "magic carpet" option -- allows you to see your schedule at work in a way you've never seen it before.

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