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Use Simio's RPS capability to mitigate risk, meet schedule, and reduce cost.

Scheduling solutions – particularly CSO solutions – have traditionally been expensive and time consuming to install. In contrast Simio Enterprise leverages the standard Simio product family to provide a cost effective solution to scheduling. Simio is rapidly becoming a standard simulation product in many companies, and is also widely taught and used in more than 450 universities across the world.

Simio's RPS solution employs a facility model that may be developed using any of the popular Simio simulation products. You can also use the same model that is developed for evaluating changes to your facility design to drive a Simio RPS installation. Hence a single model can be used to both drive improvements to your facility design as well as day-to-day operations.

Simio Enterprise Edition lets you easily tailor the user interface for the scheduler. You can fully configure the types of data that the scheduler can view and edit, and fully customize the implementation to specific application areas.

Easily Interface to Enterprise Data

Simio provides full support for integrating with a wide range of external data sources, including relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Access. You can also create custom interfaces to other data sources. You can also create fully relational in-memory Simio databases that import and bind to external databases.

Although no programming is required for implementing a Simio RPS solution, Simio is a modern code-base built on the Microsoft .NET framework with an open API, and therefore is easily extendable using any of the .NET languages (e.g. Visual Basic, C#, J#, etc.). This open framework also supports the development of custom optimizing rules; e.g. job/machine selection.

Fast ROI

By implementing projects significantly faster Simio Enterprise provides a higher ROI and faster payback. Not only does faster implementation reduce your initial investment, it also lets you realize the benefits of improved on time delivery and greater customer satisfaction much sooner.

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