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Build Models Fast With Drag and Drop Ease of Use

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Simio makes modeling dramatically easier by providing a new object-based paradigm that radically changes the way objects are built and used. You select objects from libraries and graphically place them in your model.

Many of the existing simulation products on the market are more than 10 years old, and their user interfaces reflect that fact. Simio presents a modern Ribbon Interface similar to Microsoft Office 2007. This interface makes Simio easier to learn and use.

The litmus test of any simulation product is its ability to quickly and easily model the complexities of real-life applications. This is where Simio really shines: Simio has the power and flexibility to easily model complex systems.

Employ The Standard Object Library

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Although a core strength of Simio is its framework for building custom objects, Simio includes a Standard Object Library that lets you immediately start modeling with objects from the library. Use this library to quickly model a wide range of systems. This library includes objects for modeling complex servers, conveyors, and transport devices.

Create Custom Objects Without Programming

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The big problem with object-based modeling tools is the complexity of adding new objects. Some tools do not allow users to add objects, while others require the user to program new objects in C++ or Java. This is no longer a problem. With Simio’s unique architecture you add new objects with graphical processes without programming. This opens the door for a large number of application experts to build libraries of objects focused on modeling specific application domains. Watch the 3 minute Object Building Demo to see how Simio revolutionizes object-based modeling.

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