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Ease of Modeling

Simio makes model building dramatically easier by providing a new object-based paradigm that radically changes the way objects are built and used. The litmus test of any simulation product is its ability to quickly and easily model the complexities of real-life applications. This is where Simio really shines: Simio has the power and flexibility to easily model complex systems.

Power to Extend

Other object-oriented simulation tools require programming to implement new objects, Simio objects are created using simple graphical process flows that require no programming. This makes it easy for you to build your own modeling objects and application focused libraries.

3D Visualization and 3D Animation

Many simulation packages are built on older 2D technology with 3D provided as an optional capability that adds extra cost, time, and complexity to your project. Simio is designed to make 3D a simple and natural part of the modeling process. For the first time you can have a truly immersive 3D experience without the added cost and complexity.


Simio Design Edition provides greater functionality and ease of use than products that cost three times the price. Simio is the best simulation and 3D animation product available at any price – but available at an affordable price.

Core Technology Based on .NET

Many existing products are built on older technology that makes them very difficult to modify and enhance over time.

The leading-edge .NET technology in Simio dramatically reduces the size and complexity of the implementation and makes it significantly easier to maintain and enhance into the future. As a result you can count on your investment in Simio to serve you today and tomorrow.

The Simio Team Works for Your Success

With Simio you are buying not just a product but a team that is dedicated to your success. Simio is led by Dr. C. Dennis Pegden who founded Systems Modeling (now Rockwell) and pioneered the development of the widely used simulation products SLAM, SIMAN, and Arena. Simio is backed by a seasoned team of experts that have a long and proven track record in simulation modeling.

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