Text Box: Productive Systems
2225 Garvin Heights Road
Winona, MN 55987
Productive Systems is an independent Industrial/Manufacturing engineering consulting company founded in 1983. It specializes in the development of simulation models for optimization of automated manufacturing systems. The company is owned by Dr. Marvin S. Seppanen, P.E., who brings a wealth of experience from industry, teaching, and consulting.

Productive Systems is skilled in the development of interactive simulators used by the client to simulate a specific set of manufacturing systems. These industrial strength simulation modeling tools allow the client to quickly model and analyze an existing or proposed manufacturing system. The engineer/manager can concentrate on the system data and logical structure rather than coding details. Excel workbooks are often incorporated into the model building and analysis environment using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

SEPPANEN_COL.jpgDr. Seppanen is experienced at viewing simulation from both the Big Picture perspective within an organization and at the micro level required to debug and validate the simulation code. This range of skills has been developed over 40 years of simulation practice in a variety of organizations using many kinds of computer hardware and software. While he will have to learn about your organization and its particular requirements, no time will be wasted learning how to do the simulation.