We provide a collection of free training videos for learning Simio. The videos include an introductory sequence of six short lessons, as well as additional videos demonstrating how to approach specific modeling problems. These training videos are useful for the new user first learning how to model with Simio, as well as experienced modelers looking for some ideas on how to approach specific modeling situations. If you plan to evaluate Simio using the free evaluation version we recommend that you use the introductory lessons to guide you through your first modeling exercises. In one hour you will be able to start building and running models in Simio.

Simio Simbits

Simio Overview

Start with these short videos to explore the Simio difference and see why so many professional and novice simulationists are changing to Simio.


SimBits are premade models that help you solve real-world modeling challenges. Each SimBit comes with PDF documentation so you can learn how to solve the problem with simulation. Simio comes with 50 SimBits and our developers are coming up with new ones everyday.

Flexible Manufacturing Video Series

This free video series illustrates how to build and operate a small flexible manufacturing cell. This eleven part series is divided into two major sections.

Section I contains seven videos that illustrate a typical simulation project. It walks you through project specification, static analysis, model building, verification, experimentation, and optimization.

Section II then builds on that initial analysis to take advantage of Simio Enterprise's Risk-based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) features as an operational production planning tool. It includes adding schedules, binding to external data, adding performance targets, enabling resource logging, creating a plan, analyzing the risk, and illustrates how to use the feature set to improve on-time performance.

Learning Simio Lab Modules

This lab series can be used to learn Simio with a very "hands on" approach.

Each module of the 13 modules is targeted for a 2-3 hour lab session. There is an "in-class" component with associated videos and a "homework" component where the student will be expected to build on the material from the in-class component. Each module has Power point slides, videos, and sample models. (Assignment solutions are available to registered faculty.) All materials are available via free download.

The modules can be found at Learning Simio Lab Modules.

Introduction to Simio Video Series

Led by Simio Vice-President of Operations David Sturrock, this informal seven-part training session is the video companion to the book Rapid Modeling Solutions: Introduction to Simulation and Simio.

Follow along as David runs through Simio's Standard Library, Processes, Data-Driven Models, Object Definitions, and more. This is not a polished video, but rather an informal recording of seven live training sessions, each just over an hour in duration.

We encourage you to run the video in one window and follow along in Simio in another window. Use the companion book as a supplemental resource. Since the software is continually evolving, you will see minor differences between the video and the software, but the book and Simio Help will always describe the latest features.

The course can be found at Introduction to Simio.

Other Video Resources

Refer to the Learn Simio page for additional webinars and training videos that are available.