Description of Licensing Activation Modes

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Description of Licensing Activation Modes

Post by SimioSupport » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:31 pm

Simio LLC uses software activation to enable advanced Simio software capabilities. A customer and product-specific activation code is supplied based on the products and number of seats purchased. During application of the activation, a one-time automatic (or optionally manual) contact between the customer computer and a Simio license server validates installation of the product on a specific machine and replaces the customer-specific activation code with a machine-specific activation code. While this final activation code is not intended to move between computers, when necessary Simio can assist customers under current support with making such a move.

Node-locked Licensing (restricted to one computer)

For node-locked activation, Simio LLC uses software from the Infralution company. Node-locked activation is locked to a single user computer. While it is intended for a single user, it can also be shared by several people who alternately share one computer. Simio software must be installed on the machine with the activation.

Server Licensing (shared via a central server)

For server-based activation, Simio LLC uses software from the Reprise company (by the same people who invented the popular FlexLM software). Server-based activation is locked one or more servers, but those servers can in turn manage the sharing of activations across an unlimited number of clients who have access to the servers via an internal, external, or VPN network. This provides a very convenient mechanism for sharing a small number of licenses across a larger number of users. For example a 5-seat server license could be shared by 20 or more users as long as only a maximum of 5 concurrent users are sharing licenses at one time.
In addition, Reprise allows users to “borrow” a license to their machine for use while off network (e.g., while traveling), or for dedicated use for an extended period of time (e.g., to implement an important project). Both the duration and availability of borrowing is under administrative control.

Reprise does require a server that is available to all potential users. But Reprise puts only very small demands on the server for both disk space and processor load. Simio simulation software need not be installed or run on a server, only on the client machines.
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Re: Description of Licensing Activation Modes

Post by vgreeff » Mon May 26, 2014 5:53 am

Hi there,

I have a Simio node locked product loaded onto my PC but have not been using it due to the lack of mobility, I would like to start exploring the product a bit more by moving the license to my laptop. Unfortunately I am currently not under support because I did not use the product enough, is it still possible to move the license to my laptop?

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V Greeff

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Re: Description of Licensing Activation Modes

Post by dsturrock » Mon May 26, 2014 8:44 am

Please contact simio support for license-specific details.
Dave Sturrock
VP Operations, Simio LLC

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