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Success in Simulation Blog

Post by dsturrock » Wed Jun 11, 2008 11:19 pm

We are now sponsoring a blog to help each other become more successful in our simulation projects. We will be sharing information and initiating discussions that will prove interesting and helpful to both experienced and novice simulationists.

If you are not experienced at "blogging" let me assure you that it is pretty easy to participate.

1) You can just check from time to time and see what's new.

2) If you don't want to miss any content, you can sign up for the RSS feed. This will result in an email automatically sent to you with each new post (approximately weekly). To sign up, look for the RSS link at the very bottom of the blog pages or in your toolbar. Or simply go now to

3) For the most enriching experience, participate! Look at the end of each posting for a link to enter your comments. Or if you want to suggest topics or even post your own topic, contact me - I'd love to have your participation.

This blog is not about Simio or any particular product, nor is it intended to be in any way commercial or sales-oriented.

Success in Simulation is available to all simulationists, as well as anyone who wants to become a simulationist or who just wants to learn more about simulation. While we expect to focus mainly on discrete event simulation, articles on the related fields of agent-based modeling, system dynamics, and emulation will also be included.

The articles will be intentionally be kept short for a quick read, and will be written in an informal style for easy reading. I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed so that you will automatically receive new articles as soon as they are posted.
Dave Sturrock
VP Operations, Simio LLC

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