write the worker's information

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write the worker's information

Post by michael » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:00 pm

:D When a modelentity enters a server ,a worker is seized. How to write the initial priority of worker seized by the server? thank u.

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Re: write the worker's information

Post by rthiesing » Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:08 pm

In the scenario described here, the ModelEntity is seizing capacity of both the Server object and the Worker object. Therefore, we'll look on the ModelEntity to first see which objects it has seized and then get information about those seized objects. The following expression will return the priority of the Worker:


The SeizedResources function looks at all the objects that this ModelEntity has seized. The function, LastItem, looks at the last item on that seized resources list. In the above scenario, Server is seized first and then the Worker, so it is last in the list. If the object has seized more than two objects, the function ItemAtIndex( ) will return a reference to an object that might be in the middle of the seized resource list. The term Worker in the above expression let's Simio know that you are about to ask for additional information about this object and you need to qualify exactly what type of object it is - in this case, it is a Worker type object. After you type Worker, you can ask for any function, property or state for that Worker object. In this case, we want the expression to return the Priority of that Worker.

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