Waiting Area

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Waiting Area

Post by hgserrano » Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:17 am

How can I creat a waiting area, where all entities will wait until they're processed? For example, in an airport terminal, after the secutiry control, they have to wait until the plane is ready to board

And is there any way to set a maximun wite time in that area?


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Re: Waiting Area

Post by dsturrock » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:44 pm

The recommended approach might vary by what you are waiting for.

For example if the plane is a Vehicle that will come to pick up the passengers, then the easiest approach is probably to have a Server with 0 processing time. Entities will flow through it with no delay, but then wait in the outbound transfer node for the Ride requested.

If you want to wait on something more arbitrary you could direct the entity that enters an outbound transfer node to Wait for an event. Then you would have to add some logic to Fire that event (unless it is one that is already automatically fired).

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