Sequence at RPS problem

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Sequence at RPS problem

Post by esinanaygun » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:33 am


As I mentioned at the last question I tried make a model in order to make the rps. I need to create a model according to the RPS example that is in the Simio itself. But there is only 1 problem and we know where our products will go to. But what if I have 2 different cuts in the rps example and also what if I have 2 different weld stations in the example an our product can go which ever it want then it has to move to its own way. How can I create a table saying that My order can go to both cuts but if it goes to cut one then it must have this direction and saying that which stations it can go if it chooses first cut station. Also we have 7 different orders which may be needs 2 or 3 times cutting and welding but it must be at the same cut and weld after it finished its first loop?

I will be really appriciated if you can answer this question since I could not find any way to do that...

PS. To create different lists that the product can go did not worked out because I can't say the processing times. For example In order 1 the product is going to Cut1 station Weld1 station then it has to go again to Cut1 and Weld 1 station while my 2nd order may go 3 times to those stations.


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Re: Sequence at RPS problem

Post by rthiesing » Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:55 pm

In your scenario, you probably don't want to use Sequences to route your parts, like the RPS Example model does. You might need to control some of your routing in process logic, especially if you want to save off information on which machine a part used and then re-route to that machine later. You set a Destination of an entity with the SetNode step. You might also just control routing with paths and nodes, like in the One Queue for Multiple Servers SimBit. In order to save off information about which machine an entity used, you would create an Object Reference State on the ModelEntity object definition and then save off a reference to the machine where it processed. See Object Reference on Entity Simbit for more information.

If a part needs to be processed at a machine more than once, you might use a State on the entity to keep track of how many times it has been processed at that machine.
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