buttons into process

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buttons into process

Post by Mgeorgia » Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:39 am


i have 4 sources and i want to stop each of them producing entities with a button ( manually-operated ) . is there this option. ??

i mean that a have one source which starts producing entities by clicking the play in the facility window. i want to stop it with one button because automatically ( i have done that) i want another source to start producing entities and the previous to stop.

thank u in advance!

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Using events with Buttons

Post by dsturrock » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:22 pm

If all you want is to permanently shut off a Source using a button:
1) Create an event named ShutOffSource1
2) Place a button named Disable Source1 and specify Event Name of ShutOffSource1
3) On the Source Stop Event Name (under Stopping conditions) specify ShutOffSource1

If you want the flexibility to enable and disable a Source at will:
1) Create a model state named Source1ArrivalEntities
2) Specify the Entities Per Arrival as Source1ArrivalEntities
3) Create an event named ShutOffSource1
4) Create a process with triggering event ShutOffSource1 and an Assign Step that sets Source1ArrivalEntities=0
5) Place a button named Disable Source1 and specify Event Name of ShutOffSource1

That is the basic technique. Embellish as needed.
Dave Sturrock
VP Operations, Simio LLC

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