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Re: Wait to seize until head of queue

 by CWatson ¦  Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:53 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Wait to seize until head of queue ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 1020

If you have a Source that creates EntityType1 (emergency patients, for example), and a second Source that creates EntityType2 (non-emergency patients), you will need 2 ModelEntity instances in the model (EntityType1 / EntityType2). Within each of those entity types, specify an Initial Priority value...

Re: How do I make entities go through the entries (sink) to re-work?

 by CWatson ¦  Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:36 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: How do I make entities go through the entries (sink) to re-work? ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 831

To include rework to go back through a Server, for example, simply place a link (path, conveyor, etc.) from the output node back to the input node of the Server (and also include a link path to the next Server for processing or Sink for the majority of entities). Then, within the Selection Weight pr...

Re: A table link to arrival resource

 by CWatson ¦  Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:32 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: A table link to arrival resource ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 867

You may wish to look at several SimBits (under Support ribbon > Sample SimBit Solutions) including 'AppointmentArrivals' and 'SourceWithRateTable' for creating entity arrivals into the system.

Re: Wait step

 by CWatson ¦  Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:10 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Wait step ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 1525

Please either attach your model to this forum posting OR send it to

Re: Wait step

 by CWatson ¦  Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:19 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Wait step ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 1525

Within the Wait step, you can have the an entity Wait until the Event Name specified. The Event Name could be something like TransferNode1.Entered, for example, so that the entity (A) waits until entity (B) enters or exits a certain input or output node.

Re: Changing model entity type while routing

 by CWatson ¦  Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:58 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Changing model entity type while routing ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 954

You may wish to look at the SimBit (see Simio, Support ribbon, Sample SimBit Solutions) named 'ChooseAlternateSequence' that includes two sequence tables in the model and some entities have their sequence changed during the simulation run from the 'Normal Sequence' table to the 'Adjustment Sequence'...

Re: Displaying a status message

 by CWatson ¦  Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:42 pm ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Displaying a status message ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 834

Depending on your model, you could use a status variable for the path (or multiple ones for multiple paths) where you use the Entered and Reached End add on processes to check the status variable (add 1 each time entered or reached end to max 3, etc.) and when that occurs either have a status label ...

Re: Assigning a Workschedule to a Source

 by CWatson ¦  Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:24 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Assigning a Workschedule to a Source ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 1180

Sources don't have associated workschedules for creating entities. There is an Arrival Mode property on the Source that allows entities to be created in different ways. Please see the SimBits (Support panel / Sample SimBit Solutions) named Appointment Arrivals or Source with Rate Table. One option w...

Re: Worker special off-shift behavior

 by CWatson ¦  Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:26 pm ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Worker special off-shift behavior ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 18324

In the more recent versions of Simio (not sure what sprint version you are using), there is a property on the Server called OffShift Rule . This allows you to specify that the Server resource (Doctor in your case) will either 'Suspend Processing' OR 'Finish Work Already Started'. You may wish to upd...

Please send your model that has the issue to so that we may take a look at it.

Re: Assigning the server a new symbol after the processing is finished

 by CWatson ¦  Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:11 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Assigning the server a new symbol after the processing is finished ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 1432

The symbols correspond to the "Resource States" that are assigned (and used for statistics calculation) based on what the Server is actually doing. So, for example, when the entity has 'seized' the Server and is processing for the processing delay (or multiple processing tasks), the Server is in a '...

Re: Release resource AFTER entity departs system

 by CWatson ¦  Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:10 pm ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Release resource AFTER entity departs system ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 918

Before the entity (patient) leaves the room (in an add on process perhaps), you can have the patient entity create a 'cleaning room' entity that will 'seize' the room as soon as the patient actually leaves the room, then the 'cleaning room' entity can delay for cleaning time and release the room (ke...

Re: Worker Problem

 by CWatson ¦  Sun May 28, 2017 9:57 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Worker Problem ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 1769

You could use the add-on process for the worker named Evaluating Seize Request that would check the size of the queue where the customers are waiting (and I assume this is where they are requesting the worker to bring beer) - and if the size of the queue is not at least 2, then refuse the request (a...

Re: Sequencing with sub-models

 by CWatson ¦  Thu May 25, 2017 5:25 pm ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Sequencing with sub-models ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 1072

Please either attach the model or send the model with more specifics about what problems you are running into (at time **, this error or this particular thing occurs) to


Re: Search a row from a table using an expression

 by CWatson ¦  Fri May 12, 2017 11:04 am ¦  Forum: Discussions ¦  Topic: Search a row from a table using an expression ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 1586

There are a couple SimBits that you can review which use the Search step for finding information within a table - SearchTables.spfx and SearchTableUponEnteringObject.spfx. If you still have trouble after looking at those, please provide more information and perhaps attach a model to this discussion ...