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New case brief released at Society for
Health Systems (SHS) New Orleans Conference
Campus-Wide Surgery Planning
Discete Event Simulation

The Nebraska Medical Center saw an opportunity during the programming phase of their future Comprehensive Cancer Center to rethink the surgery platform campus wide.

HDR was engaged to model FUTURE STATE SCENARIOS in order to compare and identify situations in which variation had the greatest impact on operations and facility planning.

"[it was] nearly impossible to make an informed decision without analyzing the various modeling scenarios provided by the [HDR] simulation [in Simio]. We now feel confident that our recommendations are well thought out and reflect our likely utilization of these operating suites." -Matthew A. Mormino, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery Residency Director, Nebraska Medical

Result: A well tested projection that was based upon the actual operations (including variation) of The Nebraska Medical Center as well as the forecasted volumes analysis. Read Case Brief for six identified opportunities for improvement/outcomes.

Model of a MRI room built in Simio.

Model of a hospital built in Simio.

Our solutions for the healthcare industry cover hospitals, healthcare institutions and regional healthcare systems. Typical application areas are:

  • Hospital design for high effectiveness
  • Rationalize facilities in a regional hospital system
  • Reducing waiting times in the emergency departments
  • Efficient design for outpatient clinics
  • Process improvement using Six Sigma and Lean.

Our modeling solutions provide answers to key questions such as:

  • What is the best layout for my new outpatient clinic with respect to service, quality and cost?
  • What is the impact of implementing a new process?
  • What is the impact of different patient mixes and volumes?
  • What is the impact of staffing on meeting my service level targets?
  • How should my facilities evolve to meet changing demographics?

What is a good simulation application?

Systems where it is too expensive or risky to do live tests. Simulation provides an inexpensive, risk-free way to test changes ranging from a "simple" revision to an existing production line to emulation of a new control system or redesign of an entire supply chain.

Large or complex systems for which change is being considered. A "best guess" is usually a poor substitute for an objective analysis. Simulation can accurately predict their behavior under changed conditions and reduce the risk of making a poor decision.

Systems where predicting process variability is important. A spreadsheet analysis cannot capture the dynamic aspects of a system, aspects which can have a major impact on system performance. Simulation can help you understand how various components interact with each other and how they affect overall system performance.

Systems where you have incomplete data. Simulation cannot invent data where it does not exist, but simulation does well at determining sensitivity to unknowns. A high-level model can help you explore alternatives. A more detailed model can help you identify the most important missing data.

Systems where you need to communicate ideas. Development of a simulation helps participants better understand the system. Modern 3D animation and other tools promote communication and understanding across a wide audience.

Why choose Simio?

Ease of use. Simio's object-oriented approach allows you to build models using intuitive objects. Get up to speed faster with less training and expertise required.

Flexibility. Other products require you to be a programmer to get full flexibility from the tool. With Simio, even the most complicated situations can be modeled with drag and drop ease.

3D Animation. Easy, automatic 3D animation helps you communicate ideas to the entire staff to promote understanding and buy-in.

Modeling speed. Rapid modeling features let you complete the model and start using the results fast.

Support. Rely on Simio's rich community of users and consultants as well as over 600 universities who have chosen Simio for their programs.